The Ultimate Merger
The Ultimate Merger

The Ultimate Merger

For this assignment we were able to combine two logos that we thought would merge together. To start this I actually just googled “company logos” because I had no idea which two logos I was going to combine. Then I saw Starbucks and Spotify, they were pretty similar in shape so I thought they would work well together. I actually think that Spotify and Starbucks have merged before for a Starbucks playlist so this was perfect. I think this is what their merging logo would be had they actually did a full merger.

After I downloaded the two logos I went to Photoshop and this is what I did:


  1. Gerald Edmonds

    Interesting combination of logos, to me it looks like it could be a gift card for Starbucks that comes with a month of Spotify. I liked how you chose to create the video for the tutorial, makes it really easy to follow.

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